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A total artist.

In addition to her renowned paintings,
oil paintings of medium
and large format, characterized
by imaginative colorful
and with a life of their own,
her art also includes art textiles,
tapestries, bronzes,
porcelains and ceramics…
In 2007 Pepa Poch began
to create a new style
of art porcelain and ceramics,
inspired by the organic forms
of nature and putting
in value colors such as golden,
silver and bronzes,
which originated a new trend
in the sector of decorative arts
that still survives today.
In her creations are pieces
of crockery such as porcelain
tureens, plates, cups, grails...
all of them unique pieces,
with blue colors, golds,
silvers, bronzes...
Moreover, Pepa Poch has always
been linked to the world
of fashion and design.
In 2016 begins a new
Art Porcelain Collection
in collaboration with
Sargadelos porcelain factory.


“To create
without fear of beauty”

“Pepa Poch expands her magic
to spaces, canvases, porcelains...
Becoming exceptional
everyday life and shares that
another dimension of the world.
Transfiguration is one
of the keys in her work,
the object is only an excuse,
a starting point to untie
a whole sensible universe.
She extracts the feelings
asleep that her hands awaken.
Pepa Poch recreates in an aesthetic
language of present,
free of complexes and fashions”


Espai Carmen Thyssen Curator

Senior Researcher Art Guíxols Foundation

Degree in Art History

Master in Cultural Management

Art critic (AICA)

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Foto: Samuel Aranda

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Pepa Poch

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