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“Imagine a mixture of colors
never seen before”

Pepa Poch

The ICA, Mayfair, London, March 2011


Former Member of the International
Colour Authority
from 1999 to 2015.
The ICA is the first international
organization to publish,
from London to the world,
forecasts of color trends
for the coming seasons.
These trends are applied by
the designers of the fashion industry,
decoration and industrial design.
This organization was dissolved in 2015
after the death of its founder
and chairman, Mr. Bill Benjamin.
Thus, the color of the paintings
of Pepa Poch have created trends
followed by fashion
over the years.
The artist has created new colors
such as Costa Brava Blue,
Black Cosmopolitan,
Wisteria Dreams,
Rose “Celina” Pepa Poch-Sargadelos...

Pepa Poch has participated
and given conferences, forums
and trend meetings about color
in Universities,
Holistic Medical Institutions,
International Press interviews etc.
with the aim of putting
across the importance
and influence of colour
on moods and attitudes in life
(Health, fashion,
and worldwide tendencies).

© Pepa Poch with her pictorial work “Aboriginal Love"

Photo: Sisco Soler

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Pepa Poch

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